Traditional Country Music is Alive and Kickin’!
     Classic country…through performances, events and promotion.. is what we’re all about!
     Miles of Memories owners Tex & Mary Schutz produce and present two annual country music mf2014finalefestivals, perform as a duo at numerous events across the Midwest each summer, provide talent representation for selected other country acts and consult with folks who wish to present an event of their own.
     Mary’s experience and talent in promotion, organizing and booking their duo and Tex’s extensive experience in country performance are apparent in the two events they produce. The NelsoNucka Festival, held in July in NelsonT&M yellow with bass, Nebraska, is an intimate experience with small-town atmosphere and great country performances of the big-city variety.  The Miles of Memories Country MusicFest, held in September in Hastings, Nebraska, is somewhat akin to a huge family reunion of country fans from across the Midwest.  Visit the MUSIC FESTIVALS page for information on both music festivals.
     If you’re interested in presenting a country music-related event in your community but need help to make it all happen, we offer consulting services as well. From walking you through the steps (by phone or email) to actually producing and promoting the entire event for you, or any aspect in between, we can help you make your event a success! Just let us know what you need and we’ll go from there.
     Tex & Mary have been performing together for just a bit over 35 years now. They’ve shared their spunky brand of country music with thousands of fans across the United States and overseas. With a history of helping up-and-coming performers get a foothold in the music industry, they now are booking selected acts as well, giving more and more music fans the chance to enjoy talented newcomers.
     Mary is an author as well, having co-authored Still Lovin’ the Ride, The Janet McBride Story, the biography of the singer/yodeler/performer who, now retired from performing, has devoted her life to serving as a mentor to young aspiring performers.