Yes, We’re Off the Road!

There comes a time in every entertainer’s life when it’s time to slow down and stop and smell the roses, or, as is true in our case, to stop and watch the hummingbirds. Tex’s recent health scare prompted us to make the decision to stop traveling around the country and slow down.

As those of you who were there know that the 2015 Miles of Memories Country MusicFest was the last one.  It was a humdinger and we were so happy to share it with all you fans of traditional country music as we celebrated the end of that particular era.

Now, just a couple of things we’d like to share.

First, we want to let you know that the NelsoNucka Country Music Festival, held in July in Nelson, Nebraska, will continue. It’s hosted each year by Jim and Becky Woerner of Nelson. Teresa and Doug Hyler are taking over the production of the event, with Mary helping out long-distance from Texas. It will be an outstanding event, and we invite you to check it out.  Visit this website in January for dates and details.

Secondly, because we’re no longer presenting Tex & Mary concerts around the country, we’re having a Clearance Sale of our remaining CDs. (We’re also selling out our remaining Roger Tibbs CDs.)  Go to our catalog page for more details. This is a great chance to give the gift of good traditional country music at low prices….and take care of a bit of Christmas shopping as well.